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March Madness

Posted 3/23/2012 7:47pm by Jeanette Wilson.

I am not sure when some traditions got started.  Like what year was it that employers expected the workplace to be too dominated by college basketball playoffs this month to get anything productive accomplished?  It must have come after the invention of the light bulb but before the Iphone.


And where were we during those Marches of our history?  Probably bent over planting potatoes.  Or onions, broccoli, lettuce, or some favorite greens.  

We may have been running the last bales of hay before spring grass growth comes to the pastures.  Maybe we were cleaning out the bedding in the henhouses.  Quite possibly, we were looking for a weather forecast to predict the next spring storms - so we could figure our next tractor time.

One of us was probably coming from the farm supply store or watching for the UPS man to get a part needed to repair a waterer or hay mower.  The other one was likely potting up transplants in the greenhouse or trying to pull the string on the tiller, mower, or weedwhacker.  

And when the sun set - we were having one last round of that game, Receipt Hide and Seek, before tax time.  


Honestly, its not that we are not interested.  Our teams are playing this weekend.  But probably all we will get is a text message telling us the final score - complements of some TV watching loved one.  

We will be wrapping up the feeding , right down to the tiniest biddies.

Just another day at the office.  (Go State!)