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Looking forward and back....

Posted 1/18/2013 6:00pm by Jeanette Wilson.

Its that time of year.  Since the word January is a derivation from the name of that old Roman god who supposedly looked both forward and backward, it is the perfect time for me to analyze what went well last year. And what I am ready to change.  


In the spirit of lists, here are some we made- or didn't.

Best Dressed of 2012 - Didn't make that one.  Too many stains and an unconventional fashion sense.

Worst Dressed of 2012 - Honorable Mention.  Comes from feeding hogs who sling mud unexpectedly, and attempting just a super-quick farm chore while wearing Sunday clothes.  What could go wrong?

Most Likely to Succeed on American Idol - Nope - not here. What happens on the farm stays on the farm.

Most Likely to Seed and Weed - Yes!  Especially the weed part.  Over and Over.

Herdsman of the Year 2012 - Should be Frank.  If there is one lesson our kids learned, it is that if you are eating and well-taken care of - every animal on this place better be as well!  He doesn't work with fanfare, but there is no slack bone in his hard-working body.  And this place is the better for it.

Sales Staff of the Year 2012 - Probably not us.  I have been to market, tired, forgetful, scatterbrained,

half-packed, sweaty, frozen.  With signs, without signs.  With change, without...you see.

Customers of the Year 2012 - OURS for sure!!!  We have the BEST folks who order online, take delivery, come to market, tell their friend, wait patiently, and send sweet and encouraging notes.  Makes all our other failures worth enduring!  Thanks.

And in the spirit of review -as all grade school writing teachers appreciate -

Here is what I did last summer - that worked.. A Big Bouquet to all our wonderful customers!  May this year be even better for us all.